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Sustainable products

Favourite UpcycleMo sustainable products

In our most biased opinion, all the UpcycleMo pieces are our favorites. Just like is the case for parents, where they cannot have a favorite child ( or so they say.. ), it is as difficult for us to pick our favorite sustainable products. However, we did notice that our dear customers might have had inclinations towards a few specific ones, that we ought to share with you.

Fauteuil Coquelicot: Now this is a popular one. For the multilingual among you, you should know that it is named after poppy flowers, since it is inspired by the shape of their petals. Customers are often surprised by how comfortable this peculiar armchair is, making it a favorite buy.

Elephant Table: Complementary to the previous favorite; « Fauteuil Coquelicot », the sturdiness and versatility of this elephant ear shaped table, are reported to be its biggest selling points among our satisfied customers. Sturdy for its strong base materials, and versatile for its suitability for both indoors and outdoors spaces, the Elephant Table is definitely a go-to piece.

Agga Basket: Often described in one word; « Practical », the Agga Basket is a sustainable favorite that customers often gravitate towards. Hailed for its storage properties, we have been told by its purchasers that its uses vary, from a plant holder, to a bathroom storage solution, to a living room accent piece.

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Add some style to your laundry days with one our beautiful UpcycleMo laundry baskets. All our baskets are a 100% made out of old tractor tyres and all can be repurposed around the home as log baskets or toy storage. Our laundry baskets are a particularly good size for blankets and throws, slippers and gloves and hats. Our range of produced laundry baskets offer something practical and beautiful for every household. 🥰💫 – – – – – – – – – – – – – #upcycle #upcycled #ilovemyjobatorigins #shopping #shopdifferent #lovely #cute #sustainability #sustainable #nederland #morroco #france #photography #upcyclemo #ilovemyjob❤️ #baskets #corbeille #decoration #deco #environment

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Bag Tonda: Now we all know the power of a tote bag, and its importance as a fashion piece. Well, so do the UpcycleMo customers apparently. Often bought as a gift / souvenir by our tourist customers, the Tonda bag is appreciated for its incredibly light weight in comparison to its sturdiness.

Bag Africa: A definite favorite, the Africa bag is our most purchased purse, making it a big favorite sustainable product. A statement piece « par excellence », not only is it loved by our customers for its exterior aesthetic, but also its beautifully finished interior.

Corbeille Byaa: The beautiful details of the Corbeille Byaa have made it a favorite among our purchased products. An instant eye-catcher in our store for every visiting customer, its colourful stitches, and unique lid bejewelled by a silvery element are this storage piece’s highlights.

Wave Basket: « I don’t believe I have seen anything like it » is usually how customers describe the « Wave basket ». Whimsical for its design, and strong for its up-cycled tires’ materials, this one is a sure favorite.

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