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5 tips for sustainable interior decor

In the current climate that we all live in; and that is the « environmental » climate to be more specific, one should be conscious and responsible with all their life choices, including their interior design decisions. Thus, having a comfortable, impeccably-decorated, cozy home is not enough anymore, rather a sustainable interior is the goal.

Living sustainably is not just a trend, but a lifestyle that many have adopted. Be it with our eating habits, clothing choices, or even shopping behaviours we have to start somewhere when transitioning into a more responsible way of living. An easy way we find to begin the sustainable journey is with one’s home.

This task has been made possible thanks to this new era of eco-design, where many brands started creating new eco-friendly innovations; our UpcycleMo included. Nevertheless, in addition to shopping already sustainable furniture and decor pieces ( like our own designs ), there are other ways to create a sustainable interior. To help you achieve the socially aware lifestyle, here are five tips that we are sure will come in handy:

– Second-hand and vintage shopping: Giving new life to a product is always the most sustainable option, including furniture. And that is the case for both vintage pieces, and decor items that comprehend pre-used elements.

– Buy locally: Be it by shopping from your local stores, or taking advantage of your already scheduled trips to pick up a few local items, these purchases reduce carbon emissions caused by long-distance transportation and support the local economy.

– Reclaim, recycle and reuse: Opt for products that include reclaimed or recycled materials, such as tables, chairs, and other decor elements made from reclaimed materials; both conventional such as recycled plastic bottles, or unconventional as is the case for up-cycled tires.

– Choose natural fabrics: Whether it is for curtains, pillow cases, towels, tablecloths and napkins, or other soft furnishings, make sure to choose fabrics that have been manufactured using processes that have a minimal impact on the environment.

– Shopping sustainable brands: From the used materials, to the followed processes, not to forget their socio-economic impact, favour brands that think of the environment when acquiring pieces for your home ( or professional space ).

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