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In the current climate that we all live in; and that is the "environmental" climate to be more specific, one should be conscious and responsible with all their life choices, including their interior design decisions. Thus, having a comfortable, impeccably-decorated, cozy home is not enough anymore, rather a sustainable interior is the goal. Living sustainably is not just a trend, but a lifestyle that many have adopted. Be it with our eating habits, clothing choices, or even shopping behaviours we have

In our most biased opinion, all the UpcycleMo pieces are our favorites. Just like is the case for parents, where they cannot have a favorite child ( or so they say.. ), it is as difficult for us to pick our favorite sustainable products. However, we did notice that our dear customers might have had inclinations towards a few specific ones, that we ought to share with you. - Fauteuil Coquelicot: Now this is a popular one. For the multilingual among

We believe that recycling is the hopeful future for our planet. And this actually is a philosophy that our founder; Mohamed Khattou has lived by since a very young age. "Creating, inventing, recycling – I did that all throughout my childhood", he says. And even though, one can understand the honorable and creative act of recycling or even up-cycling in favour of the environment, the question of many ( especially some of the customers visiting the UpcycleMo store ) remains;

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